AAPS Newsletters

AAPS newsletter April 2017 (pdf download)

  1. In Memorium: AmneSIA
  2. AAPS Presidents’ Report
  3. Remembering Guy Powles
  4. Pacific Decolonisation Struggles
  5. Peter Brunt Delivers the 2016 Epeli Hau’ofa Annual Lecture
  6. New Pacific Studies Networks Formed
  7. Other Recent Pacific Studies Events
  8. Reflection on PNG Update in Port Moresby
  9. Winning Poster, 2016 PNG Independence Day
  10. Upcoming Events and Calls for Papers
  11. Publications from AAPS Members
  12. AAPS Postgraduate Profile: Gina Hawkes

AAPS newsletter August 2016 (pdf download)

  1. AAPS Presidents’ Report
  2. 2016 Biennial Conference in Cairns: Tides of Transformation
  3. Recent Conferences, Workshops, Events
  4. Upcoming Events and Calls for Papers
  5.  Publications from AAPS Members
  6. 2015 PhD Theses
  7. Other Publications
  8. Meet an AAPS Postgrad: Andrew Faleatua

AAPS Newsletter May 2015 (pdf download)

  1. Inaugural Epeli Hau‘ofa Annual Public Lecture:
    Black Australia: entangled histories on Queensland’s cane fields
  2. President’s Report
  3. Other News
    • Retirements in Pacific Studies
    • ANU Pacific Islands Field School, Hawai‘i
  4. Conferences, Workshops, Public Lectures
    • Sorcery and Witchcraft-Related Killings in Melanesia: Culture, Law and Human Rights Perspectives: ANU &
      Sorcery and Witchcraft Accusations: Developing a National Response to Overcome the Violence: Goroka
    • Festival of Democracy in Tonga Conference: ‘Atenisi Institute, Nuku’alofa
    • Working with Legal Pluralism in the Francophone and Anglophone Pacific Islands: ANU, under the auspices of the l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and the SSGM Centre
    • Festival of Oceania Tapa, Tahiti
    • The spirit of Polynesia: United to share Polynesian dance in Melbourne
    • Climate Change Migration: Prospects and Policy: ANU Climate Change Institute
    • Worlding Oceania: Christianities, Commodities and Gendered Persons in the Pacific: ANU
    • From Samoa with Love? Samoan Travellers in Germany, 1895-1911: Retracing the Footsteps: State Museum for Voelkerkunde, Munich
  5. Call for members: The Micronesian and Australian Friends Association (MAFA)
  6. Publications by AAPS members 2014-2015


AAPS Newsletter April 2014 (pdf download)

  1. OCEANSCAPES: cooperation across the Pacific
  2. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Two Years of Transformation and Reflection
  3. Conferences & Workshops in 2013-2014: reports
    • Made in Oceania: Social and Cultural Meaning, Conservation and Presentation of Oceanic Tapa
    • Gender and Personhood in Polynesia: ISEPP Papeete
    • Oceans and Nations : “Failed States” and the Environment: University of the South Pacific
    • Australasian and Pacific Travel in the Middlebrow Imagination, 1925-1950: Cairns Research Institute
    • New Historical Perspectives on New Zealand and the Sea: Centre for Research on Colonial Culture, University of Otago
  4. Upcoming Events
  5. Publications by AAPS members 2012-2014


AAPS newsletter October 2012 (pdf download)

  1. FROM THE PRESIDENT: (Re)building a Pacific Studies Association in Australia
  2. Report of Special General Meeting
  3. Report of Fourth Biennial AAAPS Conference
  4. Conference/Workshop reports
    • My Dream Research Project in the Pacific
    • Sexualities, Sexual Rights and HIV in PNG and the Pacific
  5. Commentary from our members
    • Richard Herr, ‘Building Momentum for Pacific Studies’
    • Nicole George, ‘Building on Local Strengths: Managing Conflict in the Pacific Islands and beyond’
    • James Giggacher, ‘Building a new Pacific Studies Artist in Residence Program at the ANU’
  6. Annual General Meeting announcements


PacifiCurrents Iss1 Vol1 Oceanic Connections 2009

  • welcome to pacificurrents
    Introducing our new e-journal, charting the waters ahead, and inviting fresh ideas and dialogue
  • thinking oceania
    Matthew Spriggs explores Oceanic Connections between Islanders and islands in Deep Time
  • memories
    Margaret Jolly remembers Oceanic visionaries Greg Dening and Epeli Hau’ofa
  • reflections
    Elizabeth Comrie-Thomson learns Oceania through Oceania at the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts
  • new navigators
    Introducing emerging researchers of Oceania at the Queensland University of Technology
  • reports
    Oceanic Connections, Film/History Workshop 2008, Writing the Pacific, and other events
  • communities
    James Giggacher on Pasifika Australia
  • reviews
    “Gods, Ghosts, and Men” and “Island Universes”