Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival, Melbourne (Img: Katerina Teaiwa)


The Australian Association for Pacific Studies grew from a meeting at the Australian National University in 2004, called to initiate a new organisation to be a broad umbrella for Pacific Studies in Australia. The fields represented within AAPS include (but are not restricted to) anthropology, gender, geography, health, history, law, literature/cultural studies, media studies, linguistics, museums/cultural heritage, the arts, political science, sociology, adult education, sustainable agriculture and community development.

AAPS aims:

• To promote the international excellence of Australian research and teaching in Pacific Studies

• To play an advocacy role with Government, NGOs, schools, business, media, universities and communities

• To promote Pacific Studies and its component disciplines at the undergraduate and postgraduate level

• To promote the role of Australian repositories in the collection, preservation and access to Pacific Islands research, cultural and historical materials

• To promote excellence in the teaching of Pacific Studies through professional development programs for university teachers

• To promote public knowledge on the region and the study of Australia-Pacific Islands relations

AAPS Constitution updated 10 May 2013

Current AAPS Executive